Chapter 1001

Low and behold it came to pass that members of Liberation were called upon by HAJ to go out in the world and spread their knowledge and skill upon the the stsitra. It was Phillipidon who received his calling first, and amid many weeping, wailing and snapping of teeth, did he go out to smite the Root Onenians and the Massive of Ragga in the mighty city of Nitsua. After doing battle with Yrrej of Root, and Edualc and Oneg, of Ragga, did this champion of champions lip twister and lyrics compiler, be victorious. He did smite the csid wid a speech unheard of in this time, it must have been a divine calling from HAJ. Thus inspired the lowly Skillington to go out and work with the beautiful Damsel of Song, whose ytuaeb did so enchant him, that he spent many a night in a little room trying to come up wid one note, one note to start out his production. He would ask the Damsel of Song, to sing, only to stop her on her first note, so he could justly observe her beautiful snolem heeped up with the expansion of ria behind them. After one year he did finally produce a melody dat the Damsel of Song, called it "A Dream".

Ride-G , heard the Skillington at work and hired him to do battle with the Canterburry. Skill did utter a great chant to smite the Canterburry but he had to called in the bellows of Phillipidon to pull up such a vile and murderous utterance that Ride-G gave him "Life in the Pen". Drumie did sleep a nice sleep one day, and a vision of visions came on his head, a voice said: "Go ye now to the Express of Tony and beat on him until he was satisfied." Drumie was disturbed, he did not understand the meaning until he remembered that the voice said "beat with stick." Elated Drumie did battle in Oiduts many a night until Express of Tony was happy. He was so happy he chanted out a keyless chant that echoed in the eardrums of his enemies, and filled his warriors with glee that they did bang out an erroneous noise. Drumie was happy and beat harder with his stick and Express of Tony was victorious again, selling many a scid to the market people, who did love him dearly.

And it came to pass that on the 14th day after the 2 moon of Venus passed the rotational axis of earth by a billion centimeters did Archive seek the professional help of Liberation. The Rysque, big of statue and captivating by ytuaeb, did seek to hire Skillington and Moshay of Sitruc. This was the begging of a new era for Moshay, that he would be known as a master producer in which new adventures would lurk beyond the Liberation realm. After many a day and cranial balancement dat Skill did chant, and Moshay did produce that the track "Flew Hi", so high that the Comet did run after it.

This was truly a Calling and the members of Liberation were answering it well. So well that they were going out in mass numbers to spread their talents of cisum to the world. More adventures awaited them and they were soon to meet the bass of Richard the Fix, who was to enchant them with a murderous boom. Stay Tune for the continuing chapter of the Calling............................