Chapter 1000

And it came to pass in the latter days of Augusta, Liberation did journey to the Little Rock of Arkan's Saw, because there was dire want and clamoring for the Clifford and Skillington conducted RV of meticulous weave, to deliver up the much celebrated Rootical musicians of dancehall-penchants unto the much celebrated Rock. Yay in earnest I do declare that the Ecil Posse did most merrily greet us all along the highways of Texas, and we were exceedingly joyed when we were asked to inscribe our aliases on their papyrus provisions; The Sturghill of Nick must have been well pleased to have found out through auspicious augury, that the Ecil did vigorously and with whole intent, hold in high regard the Killing of Badgers without teeth of Beavers. Alas The Sturghill was thus further inspired to produce a further movie for future scrutiny, the name of which is soon to be divulged by this seer of future bearings.

Yay a great noise of jubilation did arise from the Liberation crew on reaching the border of Texas and the great Saw, for we knew that the majority of the journey was complete. We did not tarry for want of fossil fuels provided by compressed Fauna and Saur of Dino;petrol did not exhaust from the exhaust all the way to the Little Rock. Sleep did escape me in these times of Highway Roughroads, but I was blessed with two hours of rest, amidst the snore of the MelloMew (Liberation's original bassy).

Four a.m. and finally we exited the Winobago and proceeded to check in and settle the Prototype of Ho-Tel. Sleep was much needed.Lunch Sat. at the Cantina of Rosaritas was quite filling and scrumptious, and on entering we did spy the Widespread Panic unloading their contraptions of musical wizardry. Aye, we were spied too, and one enormous Soundbwoy of the Panic did inquire if we were the said Liberation. Yay we did defend our name of freedom to which he did reply; be my guests tonight and verily I will observe ye play after soundcheck.

Verily, I say this was not meant to be, for the day of Outdoor Little Rock Festival of Reggae did witness the commencement of the Dub Ital well after mid afternoon. I and I did proclaim the name of Jah loud and booming in the ears of the Liberation massive, as the Dub was heavy and tight. The Mello Mew of bass and the Cooke of guitar were impressed. The bass and drum hum was heavy enough to cause the RV to buzz like a Bee of the Bumble disposition.

Next on the roster of Rasta was One Stone in the beautiful, cool of evening by the lake of the park, in the not so Little Rock; frankly the Rock was massive in dimension as to support much more than the stomping ground of the Clinton. Patrons were bountifully bouncing everywhere to the driving dancehall beat of One Stone, who were really about 10 in the One, much like the leviathan beast wallowing in the labyrinth of Jurassic riddim; 10 heads performing in musical harmony. I was compelled to vacate the Winobago for fear of intoxication from the buzzing bass, interspersed by sweet female harmonies and traffic jamming drums and percussion. Couple yard flag did fly for the chosen of the Rock. Much of their compositions were in our heads, and we did commence to join in at times. Nuff niceness I did declare, a thousand toasts on the inclined grassy knoll leading to the level Stage of Rock by the lake on the bigger Rock of Little.

After nuff salutations, cheers and congratulations, Liberation did take to the stage and from the opening lick, I did see that I and I drummer Lyrad was on form and inna element of golden glint. Sitruc and Skillington were hype on the boards of keys, the Bar of Mello Mew was ever booming on bass and the Clifford had our sound well tweaked to precision. I could not help but enjoy the whole proceedings, as the sea of wavy commotion bounced to every tune dlivered unto them. After our deliverance of enduring love vibes, we invited and then the MC invited Temple Yard to take the stage in the chilly of a sixty degree ~ 10 p.m., star clustered clear night. Yow, it was solid, steady-cool and deadly roots rock reggae all the way. The Tennessee Sons did Village of Knash proud. Jah was here tonight and the oneness was superdociously phat and evident. Valley of Decision to the reissued Sleng Teng Riddim----nuff props and all good.

Yay we did not get to eyeserve the Widespread Panic, as our bellies did sorely call us to partake of much needed sustenance. I will not elaborate anymore about the Little Rock in the Saw of Arkan, for I heard the cries of Austin for Liberation, and was overcome by the tumultuous uproar for our return sojourn to the rolling hills of Texas. SOUNDBWOY A ROMP, ----GRANNY SPANK HIM WID DE TEN FOOT PLANK!



Chapter 1001- The Calling